Healthy Hot Drinks to Enjoy During Winter

healthy hot drinks

Unlike almost any other fall food that can be consumed at any time of the year if appropriately planned, hot beverages are one of those things that are meant for the warmer weather of fall and winter. The best healthy hot drink that people enjoy during winter is the pumpkin spice latte. You can read more about it at a poll from NutritionDietNews. People among many regions in the United States have already tasted the health benefits of this hot drink.  We thought it only fair to share with you some of the best recipes and their health benefits we’ve discovered and revered to make the wonder of this fall season feel like home, ideally, all clustered around a movie, fireplace, or watching the snow fall in front of the window.

healthy hot drinks

Easy Pumpkin Spice Latte

Let me say it first, it is the best hot drink and instantly my favorite this year. We don’t drink coffee, but that doesn’t take away from this amazing beverage. The ingredients are simple. Those are a home-canned pumpkin, whole organic milk, pumpkin pie spice, and homemade vanilla extract for this drink. Next, simply blend them all up in a mug using a hand blender. Although it may seem simple, it doesn’t take away from this wonderful beverage as it has several health benefits. Using simple ingredients, including pumpkin, this drink contains a lot of Vitamin C, Vitamin E, iron, and folate. Hence, it’s essential to enhance your immune system.

Warm Apple Carrot Drink

There is no hard rule that says your hot drink must be made with chocolate. It’s super delicious. It helps my toddler enjoy carrots and apples, but this is one of our favorites! If you have a juicer, it helps to get good fresh juice from your fruits and vegetables. But you can always put the stuff in the blender with half a cup of water for each thing, then pour it all into a fine strainer or mesh bag and squeeze all the juice out of the pulp.

Creamy Hot Vanilla

When sexy steamed milk with vanilla added was the best thing on a cold day. This oatmeal with fork recipe creates this amazing drink even better with clean homemade marshmallows to drink. The steaming hot milk mixture with some wonderful fall spices is delicious on a chilly afternoon. This drink contains a good amount of Vitamin D, calcium, and proteins. It’s good for your immune system and bone’s health.

Hot Ginger Tea

healthy hot drinksThis tea is also the best one which can bring the taste of fall. Aside from the warm feeling it gives, hot ginger tea also offers many health benefits to our body. It includes enhancing our immune system and our respiratory system. I’ve enjoyed this particular drink for my last two years to settle my stomach and give me a health boost when I needed it most. Furthermore, it is a wonderful boost any time of year.

London Fog

You’ll be surprised how much you’ll love this combination of Earl Grey tea and Free People’s Milk. Maybe you’ll make all your hot teas this way after trying this wonderful recipe. This recipe also uses almond milk as a base, but we only use our whole milk. Honestly, you can get the same thing with many different teas, but Earl Grey makes this drink the European blend. I really like this tea! Enjoy!

Warm Spiced Coconut Almond Milk

Turmeric, ginger, and mint, with a saltwater touch, combine to create this delicious hot milk drink. Aside from that, this delicious hot milk drink from the Internet offers just what you need to boost your immune system for this year. This drink gives delicious concoction a little bit more. Most of the time, we only use our organic whole milk because that’s what we have on hand, and everyone else in the house enjoys it. Healthy hot drinks are the ones you need to comfort and warm yourself during fall.