How Blue Pills Help on Erectile Dysfunction

When melancholy strikes, life takes a turn for the worse and existence begins to stagger. Several illness can cause erectile dysfunction to some men. You can visit to know more about erectile dysfunction and how to cure erectile dysfunction.

The Causes

Condom Victims of hypertension and depression have been prescribed antidepressants. Depression itself enriches sexual stimulation or sexual desire, and one of the most typical side effects of antidepressants is erectile dysfunction, which leads to general sexual dysfunction. According to several studies, 75% of people with depression and hypertension also suffer from a lack of sexual activity. These antidepressants trigger a further decrease in the sum of libido, loss of delay, or orgasm to achieve a premature and painful orgasm.

The mechanism of PDE5 has proven to be a disagreement procedure on erectile function and has led to a much better understanding of the issue. Open and honest discussions about sexual problems have helped scientists discover more about the nature of the sexual function and, as a result, led to the search for specific medications that have proven to be a blessing to a person’s sexual world. Sildenafil citrate, the blue pill called Viagra, a wonder drug that can treat almost all types of erectile dysfunction problems.

The Use of Viagra and Sildenafil

Pills Viagra has opened a door of joy and pleasure for unhappy and miserable people. New information routinely emerges regarding individual sexual behavior and its complexities – let’s determine what else Viagra has to offer! The fact found in the study will be of immense help to people suffering from erectile dysfunction. Therefore, from now on, when examining or diagnosing erectile dysfunction (ED), a very common problem among men, doctors and patients should consider a very simple blood test to find out if low testosterone is the main cause or contributor to ED. If the main cause is low testosterone, then the use of Viagra or sildenafil alone will not solve the problem.

In these cases, a mixture of Viagra and testosterone can work wonders. Participants in the testosterone gel group noticed a 28 percent increase in progression after four weeks of treatment, compared to 4 percent in the placebo group. Although Viagra is considered the most reliable remedy for erectile dysfunction, in some cases it doesn’t provide complete relief, so a combination of the erectile dysfunction drug, Viagra, and testosterone may improve the condition. So, if you are bored and fed up with erectile dysfunction, instead of wasting a minute, go for the magic erectile dysfunction drug, Viagra. It helps to change your sexual lifestyle in a big way.

Causes Of Premature Ejaculation In Men

make out Premature ejaculation refers to an ejaculation that is uncontrolled before or shortly after penetration. It normally happens with less sexual stimulation and before individual wishes. It can result in unsatisfactory sex to both the man and the lady. This may bring anxiety which may result in more problems. It has been classified as one of sexual dysfunction in men. It affects every man at some point.

The actual cause of premature ejaculation is not known. It has been thought to be psychological. For now, doctors know that the dysfunction is more complicated. It involves biological and psychological factors.

5 major causes of premature ejaculation

Some of the notable Causes of premature ejaculation are herein discussed;

1. Psychological causes

Some medical practitioners have established that early experience to sex can establish a pattern which may be difficult to change. Such experiences include; situations in which an individual may have hurried to reach climax so as to avoid being caught and some guilty feelings which may increase the individual tendency of rushing through sexual encounters.

2. Erectile dysfunction

Men who are very anxious to obtain and maintain an erection in the process of sexual intercourse can easily form a pattern of rushing ejaculation. This can be difficult to change.

3. Anxiety

Anxiety has become a problem to many people. Anxiety about sexual performance or related to any other issue is likely to lead to premature ejaculation.

4. Problems related to relationship

If an individual had satisfying relationships with some other partners and premature ejaculation happened less frequently or completely none, then there is a possibility that there are interpersonal issues between the man and the current partner which are contributing to the problem,

5. Biological causes

There are a series of biological factors which may be classified as Causes of premature ejaculation. Some of this factors include; abnormal hormone level in the body, some certain thyroid problems, abnormality in the reflex action ejaculatory system, high level of brain chemicals ( neurotransmitters), Inherited traits, infection, and inflammation of the urethra or prostate, a rare case of nerve damage from trauma or surgery

In summary, most of the cases of premature ejaculation lack clear causes. With age and experience, men learn to delay their orgasm. In some cases, it can be related to medical causes such as injury, hormonal problems or some side effects of certain medicines. Premature ejaculation can easily occur with a new partner. It can also occur in some particular sexual situations or if it has taken long since the last ejaculation.

The above are the Causes of premature ejaculation. The condition can get better on its own over time. Using distraction methods or practicing relaxation technique can help one delay. For other men, cutting down or stopping the use of alcohol, illegal drugs, and tobacco can contribute to improving how well to control the situation. Doctors highly recommend the use of condoms.